Kladde is a small neighborhood located in the South Western part of Holland, in the vicinity of the city of Bergen op Zoom, approx 35 km south of the port of Rotterdam, 15 km North of Antwerp, located in the Dutch part of Brabant county.

  • Location - Approx 1 km North from Lepelstraat, near the Koeveringsedijk (road from Lepelstraat to Koeveringen / Steenbergen). Kladde consists of the following roads: Kladde, Kladse weg, Kladse dijk, Slotweg and Ruige Velden.
  • Statistical data - In 1840 - 17 houses, and 74 residents, currently - 65 houses and 185 residents
  • History - Founded in approx 1692, referred in the historical papers under the names Kladde, Leemkladde, De Kladt, De Kladde and De Klad.
  • Kladde or Leemkladde refers to a lump of clay (kluit, klodder, kledder, klad- clod or lump), from which the name has been evolved over the past years.

    Kladde has been through 1996 been divided over two municipalities, Halsteren and Steenbergen. In 1996 Kladde, Lepelstraat and Halsteren where united and brought under the enlarged municipality of Bergen op Zoom and the whole of Kladde was made part of the municipally of Bergen op Zoom.

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