Hello, my name is Arie Dekker and I am living in Kladde a small neighborhood in a rural area of (the Dutch part Brabant), in the South West of The Netherlands near the city of Bergen op Zoom.

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Born in 1952 in Velsen, approx 25 km West of the capital of Holland, Amsterdam. Working as Project Director for Fluor Corp. a world leading international Engineering and Construction Company. For my work I often travel around the world and visiting interesting places, meeting people of different cultures and religions.

This gave me the inspiration to develop this small Kladde web-site, to share with people outside this region, not familiar within Brabant, how beautiful life in a small village in a rural area can be. Since Dutch is not spoken well around the world, I developed this website in the English language.

I am using this website project as well to get familiar with the development of Internet sites, realizing that my website is certainly not as flashy as many of the commercial sites being found on the web, however it provides me a good opportunity share Kladde with you.

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